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Texas, shooting in San Jacinto county: at least five dead

Source: Rainews

The facts inside a dwelling. The alleged killer has fled. 3 other people were injured, then transported to hospital “covered in blood”. Inside the apartment a dozen people, all originally from Honduras, says the sheriff

At least five people were killed in a shooting that took place in the early hours of today in San Jacinto County, Texas, according to various US media reports, citing the local sheriff’s office.

those affected were inside a house and were attacked by a killer who was holding an Ar-15 automatic rifle. At least three other people were injured and transported to the hospital “covered in blood,” according to the sheriff.

the alleged perpetrator has escaped and is wanted. The reasons for the gesture are unknown. The authorities had received a call yesterday evening “in reference to a harassment” and upon their arrival they discovered several bodies around the residence, where there were 10 people at the time of the shooting. the sheriff believes the victims are Honduran.

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