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OMG, Shocking moment woman gets smashed by raging elephant after teasing it with a banana

THIS is the terrifying moment an elephant attacked a woman in India after she teased it with a banana.

The shocking footage shows the young lady trying to feed the four ton beast before it aggressively storms into her – tusks and all.

All seems normal as the woman attempts to feed the elephant with a banana

Things start to go wrong when she takes the banana away from the four ton beast

The elephant suddenly smashes into her and sends her hurling into the air

The recent video, uploaded to Twitter, captures the moment the woman holds the banana up towards the elephant’s mouth before suddenly pulling back.

The elephant then moves closer and – unbeknown to the woman – readies for the attack.

The now furious elephant sharply slams into the woman with full-force.

Viewers can see the woman hurtled into the air before the clip cuts.

The video was uploaded by an Indian Forest Service Officer, Susanta Nanda, who often shares Asian wildlife content online.

He accompanies the footage with the warning: “You can’t fool an elephant even though he is tamed.

“They are one of the most intelligent animals to be in captivity.”

It is not known what happened to the unfortunate lady or how badly injured she is.

Understandably, people were concerned for the woman’s wellbeing following the attack.

One Twitter user responded: “Hope she survived the attack”.

Another said: “That’s quite appalling. How hard he struck her. Prayers.”

Elephants are the most dangerous things in the Indian jungle. I always stay at least 100 metres from them when I see them,” a third said.

Another wrote: “Such is the power of the trunk. They are not to be messed with.”

Watch video below

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