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“Olosho wey all of us they manage, E reach this guy turn, him givam belle” reactions as IG influencer Mandy Kiss shows off baby bump (Video)

The Instagram influencer, who is a self-acclaimed president of ‘Olosho’ known as prostitute raises eyebrows as she shared video of her baby bump.

Mandy Kiss shows of her heavy babybump via her official handle on the video sharing platform, TikTok yesterday,

The recent news of IG influencer Mandy Kiss revealing her baby bump has sparked mixed reactions among her followers. Many people have expressed surprise and disbelief, as they never expected Mandy to be in this situation.

Some have even resorted to derogatory remarks, calling her derogatory names It seems that there is a sense of judgment and condemnation towards Mandy for her choices. However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own journey and experiences.

Instead of casting judgment, we should strive to be understanding and supportive. Mandy’s decision to share her pregnancy with the world takes courage, and it is her right to do so. Let us embrace empathy and celebrate the joyous moments in life, regardless of our personal opinions or assumptions.

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