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My body is my own I make Money with it and I’m not Shameful about it – Girl (Watch)

As a woman, I firmly believe that my body is my own. I have the right to do with it what I choose, and if that means using it to make a living, then so be it.

In today’s society, there is still a stigma attached to women who choose to use their bodies in this way. But why should there be? As long as it is my choice, and I am not being forced or coerced into anything, then I see no reason why anyone should judge me for it.

I am proud of the work that I do, and I am not ashamed of it. I work hard to maintain my body and my health, and I see no reason why I should not be able to profit from that.

Of course, there are those who will always try to shame and judge me for what I do. But I refuse to let their opinions bring me down. I am confident in my choices, and I know that I am doing what is right for me.

In the end, it all comes down to personal choice. I choose to use my body to make money, and I will not apologize for it. I am a strong, independent woman, and I will always stand up for my right to do what I want with my own body.

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