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“A face on a face” Lady permanently tattoos boyfriend’s face on her face to prove her love for him

An African-American lady has gone viral on the internet after flaunting her unusual face tattoo on social media.

Some people are willing to go the extra mile to prove their love to their partners but this is beyond absurdity.

Why would any sane person tattoo his/her lover’s face on any part of his/her body – What happens if there’s a breakup?

If the lady thinks tattooing her boyfriend’s face on her bare face will keep him, then she has made a very great mistake because the guy will still cheat regardless of her tricks to pin him to herself alone.

I don’t want to believe this is a permanent tattoo but rather, a temporary tattoo that lasts around 2-3 days maximum.

If I was the tattoo artist, I would have respectfully declined and directed her to a t-shirt printer because this is absolutely ridiculous.

Well, we are in the age of clout chasing and attention seeking hence nothing is surprising at all.

I’m just wondering how she’ll get the guy’s face off her body if they break up in the future.

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