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“500k to maintain my body everymontth” – Cûrvy Abuja slay queen says, causes commotion with her b!g backside as she shakes her assets to her favorite song. (video)

A recent video of a curvaceous woman from Abuja has been making rounds on social media. In the video, the woman claims that she spends a whopping 500,000 naira every month to maintain her body. The woman, who is popularly referred to as a “slay queen,” caused quite a commotion with her big backside as she shook her assets to her favorite song.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions on social media, with many people wondering why anyone would spend that much money on their body every month. Some have criticized the woman for promoting unrealistic beauty standards, while others have praised her for being confident in her body.

Regardless of the opinions surrounding the video, it highlights the pressure that many women feel to look a certain way in order to fit in with societal beauty standards. It also raises questions about the amount of money that people are willing to spend to achieve these standards.

While it is ultimately up to each individual to decide how they want to look and how much they want to spend on their appearance, it is important to remember that true beauty comes from within and cannot be bought with any amount of money.

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