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Woman speaks after 25 years of marrying world ugliest man

When Kate Namanda introduced Godfrey Baguma, the world’s ugliest man, to her family as the man she wanted to spend her life with, they rejected him outrightly, saying he was too ugly to become a part of them. Her friends mocked her, saying that the love of her life was a mismatch.

Kate Namanda and Godfrey Baguma
Kate Namanda and Godfrey Baguma
However, she was in love and so she ignored all the negative energy. They went ahead to live together and started having children because Kate’s family had refused to give their blessing to her marriage to Baguma.

After having four children, the couple thought it prudent to make their union official, so they performed a white wedding in 2013.

Over a period of twenty-five years, they have had eight children, with the first one being a 28-year-old lady, while the last one is just seven months old.

Speaking in an interview with Afriman TV about her marriage to Baguma over two and a half decades, Kate recounted the hurdles she had to cross to make the union see the light of day.

“My family told me he is too ugly and they don’t want him in our family. It wasn’t easy because the whole family was up against me but I told them we will live together whether they like it or not. Because they did not agree, I moved in with him until we had four children before our marriage was blessed,” she said.

As to what convinced her to fall in love with Baguma to the extent of abandoning her family, she said that she saw honesty and genuineness in him at their talking stage.

“People say we are not the perfect match but I was in love with him. I knew he had potentials so I looked beyond his looks. When we started dating, our communication was perfect and I saw honesty in him, and till today, he has never changed.”

Baguma, also known as Ssebabi (Ugliest of all), a Ugandan, was born as a normal child in 1973, but as he grew up, he started developing a tumour that deformed his head in a way that made him look odd.

He was diagnosed with a rare condition called fibrodysplasia, which affects the growth and placement of his cells and tissue. His health can be managed with the correct medication, and fortunately, reports say his condition cannot be transmitted to his children, and none of them has had any deformity so far.

He is a musician, a comedian, and a cobbler whose main source of living is to mend people’s shoes for a fee.

He came into the global limelight in 2002 when he took part in the World’s Ugliest Man contest, beating other contestants across the world to become the ugliest man in the world.

Kate revealed that when her husband was declared the winner of the contest, she could not hide her joy.

According to her, Baguma was not rich when they met and still is not a wealthy man, so it cannot be said that she was swayed by money to be with him. Rather, it is the genuine love they both share that has bonded them over the years.

They live happily with their children in Uganda and hope to do so till death do them part.

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