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“Wahala no dey finish” I can’t date a guy who lives with his mother but I can date a guy who lives with his wife, popularslay queen says (video)

“It’s not just me who thinks that living with your mother while in your twenties is a no-no. Everyone knows that when it comes to dating, having your mum hovering around can really be a turn-off. No girl in their right mind wants that kind of intrusion into their private life. That’s why when it comes to finding the right guy, you must ensure he’s a good catch who isn’t dependent on his mum for emotional and practical support.

I’m totally OK with a guy living with his wife, but never with his mother. I mean, how can I trust that he won’t turn out to be some mama’s boy? That’s just not attractive and is the total opposite of what I’m looking for. A real man is a guy who is self-reliant and can take care of himself and any potential family of his own.

I think it’s time for women to take charge and reject anyone who isn’t fit for us. Sure, guys have standards, but us girls have them too! That’s why I’m a popular ‘Slay Queen’, because I know how to choose the right guy for myself. And trust me, that does not include someone living with his mother!”

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