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Viral Video of Instagram queen Hajia Bintu Wears Short Bodycon In Kumasi, Gets Zionfelix And Other Bloggers Excited In Video

The viral video of Instagram queen, Hajia Bintu, wearing a short bodycon dress in Kumasi has caught the attention of not only her followers but also popular blogger Zionfelix and other bloggers.

The video showcases Hajia Bintu confidently strutting her stuff in the figure-hugging outfit, drawing admiration from many. With her curvaceous figure and captivating presence, Hajia Bintu effortlessly steals the spotlight, leaving onlookers and bloggers excited.

The video has since circulated widely on social media, further solidifying Hajia Bintu’s status as an Instagram sensation. Her fashion choices continue to captivate the attention of many, making her a popular figure in the online world.

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