Tv actress zulmira Ferreira, said she feel sorry for Ronaldo, Rodriguez

TV actress Zulmira Ferreira has expressed her sympathy for Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

The lovers met in Madrid in 2016 and have been together since then with reports suggesting nothing would stop them from getting married.

The partners now have two kids together and are co-parenting another three belonging to the 38-year-old.

There have recently been unfounded rumours that the football icon’s seven-year relationship with the Spanish-Argentine model is about to end.

And Ferreira said she feels bad for the couple and reckons there is a conspiracy against them.

“Look, I’m starting to feel sorry (for Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez – that you shouldn’t feel sorry for anyone – but I’m starting to feel sorry for this couple because what they are suffering is a great, great persecution,” Ferreira said via Hiper FM. “Because who doesn’t have crises? In a relationship, who doesn’t argue?

It has been only rumours that there is a rift between Ronaldo and Rodriguez, and nothing has been substantiated yet.

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