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South Africa artist Segos Pumpkin causes confusion with her huge backside [video ]

South African plus-size artist Segos Pumpkin has got everyone talking as she lights up an event in Ghana.

It was a lot of fun and excitement at Royal Senchi for the tropical fiesta music festival.

The three day events saw the likes of Stonebwoy, Black Sherrif, Mona4Reall among other artists who came performed.

The guest performer for the event, Segun Pumpkin came to perform and she caused a lot of confusion with her massive behind.

Real name Resego Tshabadira, the plus-size south African artist is seen in a video entertaining her audience.

Segos Pumpkin shakɛs her huge backside while she dances to some good tunes from the disc jockey.

Watch the video below ;

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