Shehu Sani: The Judiciary Saved The People Of Osun From An Attempted Mandate Robbery.

In a statement posted to Twitter, a Nigerian senator, author, playwright, and human rights activist, Shehu Sani, stated:

The judiciary has freed the people of Osun from slavery and saved them from an attempted robbery of their mandate after a difficult journey for Senator Adeleke and the people of Osun. Congratulations to everyone who supported justice.

Senator, playwright, author, and advocate for human rights from Nigeria is Shehu Sani. Along with being the president of Hand-in-Hand for Africa, he also serves as the CRCN’s president in Nigeria. He played a key role in the campaign to reestablish democracy in Nigeria. The previous military government in Nigeria has apprehended and arrested him.

He was released from life in prison in 1999, when democracy was restored in Nigeria.

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Source: Twitter.

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