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Priscilla Saidu alias Duchess revealed how she make $5000 Per Night”

A Canada-based Nigerian actress and model, Priscilla Saidu alias Duchess Priscilla, reveals how she earns $5000 per night doing hookup business. She made this known during an interview on the Hawt Mic podcast, hosted by MC Morris and Emmanuel Igboke. Duchess claims that prostitution is an easy side hustle for girls in any country, including Canada.

She pressed on to state that when she’s in dire need of money, she turns to God and prays for blessings before hitting the streets to do hookups. Duchess Priscilla believes that her favour and grace have made her the go-to person for clients when people call to put her in touch

Priscilla also claimed that she participates in charitable causes by donating to the less fortunate and that she never tithes to the church.

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