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“Nothing we no go see for Africa” pastor casting out away spirit of prostitution in an Endowed lady body, video trends

In a recent trending video, we witnessed a pastor fervently casting out what he claimed to be an ” spirit of prostitution” from a young lady. This incident, which took place in Africa, has once again highlighted the interesting and sometimes bizarre practices that occur within certain religious circles.

The video begins with the pastor passionately praying over the lady, tapping the lady nyash, commanding the supposed spirit to leave her body. He uses strong words and fervent gestures, creating an intense atmosphere. As onlookers watch in awe and disbelief, the pastor continues his spiritual battle, determined to rid the lady of this perceived affliction.

While some may view this incident as a genuine act of faith and a demonstration of the pastor’s spiritual power, others question the authenticity and effectiveness of such practices.

Watch video below

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