Nigeria Ranks Low on List of African Countries with Highest Workers’ Pay in 2023

Despite Africa’s biggest economy, Nigeria has one of the lowest minimum wages on the continent. Recent data has revealed that Morocco is the best place to work in Africa, with Nigeria not making it to the top five. The average salary in Nigeria is one of the lowest in Africa, falling short of other countries in the top 10

Today, Monday, May 1, 2023, is celebrated in Nigeria as Workers’ Day, but there is nothing to cheer about for millions. According to data obtained from Wageindicator, despite Nigeria having the biggest economy in Africa, the average worker salary in the country is one of the lowest on the continent

Further breakdown of the data showed that an average worker in Nigeria is paid 80 percent less than the highest minimum wage in Africa.

How Nigerian average workers’ salary ranked among the best 10 in Africa
In the continent, Morocco, Ghana, Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Angola, Libya, and Seychelles are among the countries with the highest minimum wage in Africa.

Nigeria’s minimum wage, which many state governments are yet to implement, is N30,000 or $73.03 in dollar terms, making it the third-worst minimum wage among the selected countries.

Morocco’s minimum wage is $368.39 (MAD 3,300), is the highest among the countries surveyed.

Seychelles followed behind as the second-best place to work in Africa with a minimum wage of $289.39 (SR4272), followed by South Africa with 160 hours of work per month providing $239.39 (21.69 rands per hour). Algeria’s minimum wage is $150.03 (DZD 20,000.00), while Kenya’s is $127.72 (13,572 KES). Libya’s minimum wage is 450 local currency, which is $100.13 when converted.

Here is a list of the best places to work
Morocco: $368.39
Seychelles: $289.39
South Africa: $239.39
Algeria: $150.03
Egypt: $127.72
Kenya: $125.29
Libya: $100.13
Nigeria: $73.03
Ghana: $61.15
Angola: $32.79

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