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“Na nyash wey wan land me for tr0uble I wan dey post now” Naijamoods splits as popular Instagram influencer declared her assets in new photos

In the latest turn of events, popular Instagram influencer ,has caused quite a stir with her recent photos. It appears that she has decided to showcase her ample backside, and the internet is abuzz with mixed reactions. Some are praising her confidence and embracing her body positivity, while others are quick to criticize and question her motives.

The controversy surrounding the decision to post her big backside has sparked heated debates on social media platforms. Supporters argue that she is simply expressing herself and should be celebrated for embracing her curves. They believe that she is empowering other women to embrace their bodies, regardless of societal beauty standards.

Naijamoods on the other hands has decided to always be post this kind of nyash in fact all type of nyash big small potable, we will always bring them to your view. All you have to help us do is like comment and share

see photos below

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