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Moment Lady fake nyash fell on dance floor (watch video)

A hilarious moment happened last night at the club, and it’s all over social media! A lady was caught on camera pretending to have a big, round butt, but things didn’t go as planned.

As the music was pumping, the lady started shaking her hips and showing off her dance moves. Suddenly, she decided to twerk and show off her “fake nyash.” However, as she went down low, the padding in her pants shifted, and she lost her balance.

The next thing you know, she fell hard on the dance floor, causing a scene. Everyone around her burst into laughter, and the DJ had to stop the music to make sure she was okay.

Despite the embarrassment, the lady quickly got up, adjusted her padding, and continued dancing. However, the damage was already done, as her fall was caught on camera and has since gone viral.

Lesson learned: if you’re going to fake it, make sure you can handle it!

Watch Video HERE

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