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“Mohbad d£@th no reach your side queen mother?” fans ask tiwasavge, after she was seen wh!ning her waist on new video

Fans were quick to question Tiwa Savage after she was seen whining her waist in a new video, asking if the recent tragedy involving Mohbad’s death had affected her.

The concern stemmed from the assumption that the loss of Mohbad would have had a profound impact on Tiwa Savage, who is often referred to as the queen mother. However, it is important to remember that artists express themselves through their art, and dancing is one of the ways they convey emotions and tell stories.

While it is understandable that fans may feel a sense of sadness and empathy towards the loss of Mohbad, it is essential to separate an artist’s personal life from their creative expression.

Tiwa Savage, like any other artist, has the right to continue pursuing her passion despite any hardships she may face. As fans, we should support and appreciate her artistry, allowing her to navigate through her own grief and continue to bring joy to her audience.

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