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Lady share a secret to go vira on social media (video)

The internet was recently set ablaze when a young slim girl caused quite a stir with her nyash while dancing in a new video.

The girl moving her hips to the rhythm of the music could be seen twerking and grinding against her partner.

Her sassy, no-holds-barred dance moves and how she flaunted her curves were a sight to behold, leaving many in awe.

With every thrust and every seductive move, it was quite hard not to be mesmerized by her, as some even compared her to the famous dancing diva, ‘Cardi B’.

No matter how popular the song was, it seemed as if her dance moves were stealing the show.

The girl was clearly enjoying herself, totally in sync with the beat of the song as body, music and the floor combined into one to create an energy that few could resist.

The way she moved her body seemed effortless, as she nimbly shifted her weight from side to side.

She managed to garner quite a fan base, even as the comments section was filled with people praising her with uplifting messages like “I love how you move”, “your energy is outstanding” and “you are such a goddess”.

Overall, the girl’s dance moves and energy undoubtedly took the show, leaving viewers mesmerized as she moved her body to the rhythm of the music while flaunting her curves.

Watch the video below.

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