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“I’m down,” TikTok star Buba Girl weeps profusely over leaked video

The Buba Girl is in tears as she speaks on her leaked adult materials

Famous TikToker, Esther Raphael, better known as The Buba Girl breaks down in tears as she speaks on her viral tapes.
She opened up on the damaging impact the viral tapes have had on her.

Popular TikToker, Esther Raphael, popularly known as The Buba Girl was in tears as she cried out over her leaked tapes in circulation.

An audio note making the rounds on social media captures The Buba Girl weeping bitterly while lamenting what she has been through in the past few days.

Speaking, she noted that she is currently sick and down. According to her, she has been blackmailed several times by the entity and she kept paying money, after which they will go out of the radar for some time.

According to her, the blackmailer shows up periodically to demand money from her, but unfortunately, this was a different case as she didn’t have any money to give him this time around resulting in the video leak.

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