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“I have slept with over 100 men” – 20-year-old Kenyan socialite Shakilla (Video)

20-year-old Kenyan socialite Shakilla Tiffany stirred reactions online as she disclosed that she has slept with over 100 men.

Shakilla made this shocking revelation about her body counts during an interview with a local blog.

During the interview, Shakilla was questioned about rumors suggesting her body count was higher than five.

“How do you know I have more than 5? I do not know my body count. If I start counting, I will run mad,” Shakilla nonchalantly responded.

But when the host asked whether her body count was closer to 100 or 1000, Shakilla slyly responded, “Are you talking about this year or the years before that? , it’s safe to say I’m below 150.”

Watch the video below;

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