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“I don’t have bum bum oh u see with this bwesss we move” — viral video of nigeria Olosho who claims she has acquired alot with her assets

In a viral video from Nigeria, an Olosho confidently claims to have acquired a lot with her breasts. She confidently states, “I don’t have bum bum, oh you see, with this blessed chest, we move.” This statement reflects her belief that her breasts have been instrumental in her success and ability to achieve various things in life.

While this video may seem amusing to some, it sheds light on the societal focus on physical appearance and the objectification of women’s bodies. The Olosho’s assertion that her breasts have brought her fortune and opportunities raises questions about the value placed on physical attributes rather than personal accomplishments or skills.

It is important to recognize that this video represents an individual’s perspective and does not speak for all women or their experiences. However, it does highlight the need for a broader conversation on gender equality and the importance of valuing individuals based on their talents, skills, and achievements rather than solely on their physical attributes.

Watch the Video below

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