Galadima – said that it was God that chose Buhari.

During an interview on Arise News today, Buba Galadima assessed the ‘contributions’ of president Muhammadu Buhari to the emergence of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu as the 16th president.

Buba Galadima made a claim saying, “the incoming administration (of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu) knows that president Muhammadu Buhari never supported him to become the president. It was God that chose him because God alone has the ability to enthrone or dethrone someone.”

Speaking further, Buba Galadima said, “president Muhammadu Buhari believes that loyalty is the heart of government. He expects many people to ‘worship’ him. Unfortunately for him, those who were loyal to him are now against him and they have also started attacking Tinubu. This is what I am advising Tinubu against those masturbatíng in the corridors of power in order to ingratiate themselves.”

Lastly, Buba Galadima said, “I don’t think Buhari has even done anything to get applauded for. He turned the economy upside down because the price of commodities got high. Insecurity became the order of the day under his watch and exchange rate became worse. Nothing is critical to Nigerians more than security, food and exchange rate.”

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