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Eva Savagiou reveals, she don’t go for gym workout and she have the ho()test body you have ever seen. ,(photos)

Eva Savagiou is a popular instagram model and digital creator. She is also active in Crypto industry and love to talk about NFT. Eva collaborated with many fashion brands including Fashionnova. She keeps posting photos wearing trending outfits.

Eva has gained fame and notoriety through her online presence, typically through social media platforms. Online celebrities may be known for their content creation, such as creating and sharing videos on YouTube, posting pictures and updates on Instagram, or sharing their thoughts and opinions on Twitter.

Eva proudly says her Zodiac sign is Gemini and astrological sign is Leo. In her free times, she goes to beach and gets nice tan. Also she plays video games. Before NFTS and fashion influencing, Eva was a full time bartender. She worked in clubs all around Greece. She quits her job and started focusing on social media.

They may also be known for their involvement in various online communities or for their expertise in a particular area. Online celebrities can sometimes be seen as role models or influencers, and they may have a significant following of people who look up to them or are interested in their content.

Instagram models may also be known for their fashion sense, their physical attractiveness, or their unique personal style. Some Instagram models are considered to be online celebrities and may be followed by thousands or even millions of people. It is important to remember that while Instagram models may present an idealized or curated version of their lives online, they are still real people with their own challenges and struggles.

Eva Savagiou has around 1 million followers on instagram. Besides charming photos, She also publishes variety of reels on instagram. Eva also active on TikTok and Twitter.

Does She workout? No, Eva said she is not fan of gym and didn’t do any Workout. Although she go for long walks and plays volleyball in beach.

See Photos below

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