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“Ashawo work is the best” olosho claims in a politely manner as she anticipate her new music single “Na me get d!(k” In latest video

The claim that “ashawo work is the best” is being made by an olosho in a seemingly polite manner, as she eagerly anticipates the release of her new music single titled “Na me get d!(k.”

In her latest video, she confidently asserts her ownership of her sexuality and expresses her empowerment through her lyrics and performance. The video portrays her embracing her femininity and proudly showcasing her talents, challenging societal norms and expectations.

With a captivating blend of catchy beats and bold visuals, she aims to captivate her audience and challenge conventional notions of sexuality and gender roles. Through her music, she seeks to empower and inspire others to embrace their own identities and celebrate their desires without shame or judgment.

Watch her video

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