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“Are You Carrying Twins?” Pregnant Lady Shows Big, Long Baby Bump, Video Gets 145k Views on TikTok

A pregnant woman has sparked reactions after posting a video of her large and protruding baby bump
The woman, @viccylucy0, posted the video on TikTok, and it sparked interesting reactions from members of the public
Her baby bump is so long that many people are asking her if she is expecting twin babies
A pregnant woman with a protruding baby bump has gone viral on the platform after sharing a video.

The video was posted by @viccylucy0, and it has sparked different reactions.

In the video , she was clutching the big baby bump and swinging it from one side to the other. Watch Video below

Video of a woman with long baby bump goes viral

The woman lifted her dress to showcase her big belly. TikTok users quickly noticed how her belly looked different from what they knew.

TikTok users took to the comment section to ask her if she was expecting twin babies because of the size of her belly.

Reactions from TikTok users as pregnant woman shows off her baby bump
@user9062578667190 said:

“Triplets! I tap this grace. Congratulations.”
@Mempress collections said:

“This is a triplet. I tap into this miracle.”
@princess chioma reacted:

“Congratulations and save delivery. I guess it’s Twins.”
@nononoelie1234 said:

“I receive this grace in my life this month.”
@Miz ij love said:

“Congratulations dear. I tap from your blessings in Jesus’ name Amen.”
@jojo diva reacted:

“I receive in the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth amen amen.”
@Aridja3.1 said:

“Looks like watermelon. Courage oh my darling, be happy you and your baby.”
@francinefrancine27 reacted:

“One or two? Congratulations sister.”
Young mother welcomes five babies
In a related story, a student at the Michael Okpara University of Agriculture gave birth to five babies at once.

At the time she gave birth, the lady was not married as she was pregnant for her boyfriend.

Nigerians on social media were stunned when her story went viral. Many people rallied around her.

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