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An Instagram Comedian Mazi okeke got him self a new crib watch video

Osuoha destiny prince, popularly known as mazi okeke got him self a new masion according to the comedian, this is the second house he is archiving In one year

And one of the most Instagram influencer Tundednut, was there to celebrate with him, to what Tundednut wrote, he never wanted to help the guy post the video at the beginning because he thought it was not funny. Here is what he said

I can remember when this man told Sexy Steel to please send me his skits when he started. Walahi, I didn’t find the skits funny. My mouth no good. I told @iamsexysteel immediately “these skits are not funny to me Oo!” Sexy Steel passed my message to him. He was dooooooooown, but me, I just wanted him to work harder. He did that, he improved his craft and I started posting him without no pay at all and BOOM!!! The guy started cashing out from adverts, Facebook, YouTube, from everything online.

You know what he did? He listened and didn’t take NO for an answer, he went to improve his craft. He wanted to pay sef when I didn’t find the skits funny, I said no, but when he improved. He became extremely funny. I didn’t even collect a dime from him. I started posting him myself.

This man right here @prince_dstn has bought 2 houses in the space of one year. He has bought a lovely car for his mother and also bought himself a nice Mercedes Benz. Everything don soft for the guy!!!

May God keep blessing us more, so we can encourage and bless others.

For those of you seeing and you think you have failed in life, you have not, trust me. When God blesses, when the time is ripe it will be as if you are the only on earth being blessed by God. No such thing as luck, you have to work for it.

And her is the video below of him and Tundednut

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