A Police officer was recently killed by a yahoo boy in Oyo state. Check full details

A Police officer was reportedly killed on Tuesday by an internet fraudster also known as Yahoo boy at an area located in Akinyele Local Government in Oyo state.

According to those who witnessed the ugly situation, this particular police officer was earlier seen conflicting with different people with flashy cars driving through that area since morning, until his killer came up for a stop and search exercise which resulted to serious altercation and gunshots were heard around the scene before the Yahoo boy drove off.

Although some eyewitnesses claimed the Policeman might have shot himself mistakenly, while trying to shoot the young man who was almost engaging in a serious physical exchange of words and fight.

However the Yahoo boy quickly ran away from the crime scene immediately he noticed that there is a murder case against him for killing an officer of the law.

This is really not a good news for the Nigerian Police force and his family at large.

What is you say about this ?

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