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5 Tips On How To Get Dimples Even If You Were Not Born With Them

Here are five tips to get dimples even if you were not born with them:

1. Facial exercises.

Regularly perform facial exercises that target the cheek muscles. Smiling widely and holding the position for a few seconds can help strengthen the muscles around your mouth, potentially leading to the formation of dimples over time.

2. Makeup techniques.

Use makeup to create the illusion of dimples. Apply a small dot of highlighter on each cheek where you want the dimples to appear. Blend it well to give the impression of natural dimples when you smile.

3. Dimple piercing.

Consider getting a temporary dimple piercing. This involves a small puncture in the cheek where the dimple is desired. Keep in mind that this is a semi-permanent solution, and the piercing should be done by a professional to minimize risks.

4. Suction devices.

Some suction devices claim to create dimples by drawing the skin inwards. However, these methods may not be scientifically proven, and caution is advised before trying them out.

5. Contouring.

Use contouring makeup techniques to create the illusion of dimples. Apply a darker shade of foundation or contour powder in the hollows of your cheeks and blend it out. This will create the illusion of shadows, giving the appearance of dimples when you smile

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